Previous New Years with I'm NOT Disordered:

2013/2014 featured a list (what I didn’t achieve from it, carried on to 2014/2015) but now, in 2017, I’ve now achieved/completed the entire list - 12/12!

2014/2015 was a list of goals for the year ahead – and if you go read it and are wondering, I did/have done 9/10

2015/2016 featured a short list of upcoming projects, plans, and goals for the year ahead.

2016/2017 I celebrated with a completely new design – I can’t believe I’ve had this new logo for a year! I guess I need to stop calling it my new logo! I also asked myself – and some others – two questions: 1. What was one of your favourite things about 2016? And 2. What one thing are you looking forward to in 2017?
To mark the end of 2018, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all those who have made the year so very special.

*To all those not specifically mentioned (you know who you are) I have an equal amount of gratitude for you too! But there’s only so long a post can be before people stop reading it!*


Mum, thank you for: never straying from my side, always trusting me, playing with Emmy when I’m too tired to, putting faith and determination into my recovery, making the phonecalls that would make me anxious, the laughs and inside jokes, the hugs when I cry and the tears when you’re proud.  

Auntie Angi, thank you for: always being proud of even the smallest of achievements, holding our family together, being a role model in saving literally ALL of the cats in Dubai(!), the Primark spree and for the constant support no matter how many miles away you are.

Lauren, thank you for: the giggles, the snacks, the love, support, care, and for your kindness

Ellie, thank you for: the Harry Potter chats, your amazing and hilarious children, the movie nights, the takeaways, the Dolly Dimples visits, and for the support after I lost Dolly

Becky, thank you for: the hilarious things you come out with, the wise cracks you come up with, the day out to Seaton Deleval Hall, the cinema trip to see The Grinch, your love and for always understanding 

Readers, thank you for: motivating me to improve my content, spurring me on when I wanted to give up, forever supporting me in all that I do, giving me the courage to put myself ‘out there’ and for reassuring me that all of the hard work is always worth it!


Dolly, thank you for: staying by my side for as long as you could, motivating me into recovery, the stupid moments, the silly moments, the hilarity of your hyper hour every night, and for your love

Emmy, thank you for: being there for me when Dolly had to leave, going mad over your laser toy, your squeaky little meows, being so brave at the Vets, and for always wanting snuggles and never moving when I use it as an opportunity to take a selfie!

Pixie, thank you for: the touch and smell of your fur that never fails to bring me back to reality, that time you pulled through when you were about to be put to sleep(!), being nice to Emmy when she joined our family, missing Dolly with me, enjoying your ears being stroked (they’re my favourite part of you!) and for never failing to make
me laugh with your binkies!

Richmond Fellowship, thank you for: giving me endless and amazing opportunities, supporting me through thick and thin, helping me to meet a new best-friend, and for becoming one of the reasons for the maintenance of my recovery. 

NorthumbriaHealthcare NHS Foundation Trust, thank you for: saving my life.

Northumbria Police, thank you for: improving officers’ attitudes towards mental health and providing me with the opportunity to help on that mission, and for pulling me back from the ledge when I was about to jump.

Northumberland,Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust: Crisis Team, thank you for: supporting me through the most difficult moments in my recovery
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