24 hours with... Lyndsey Tunney - Peer Support Worker on the GameChange VR trial and Patient and Carer Involvement Worker with North Tyneside Community Treatment Team

Date: 15th October

Why have you chosen to write about today?
You asked me to!

Good morning!

What time did you wake up?


Why did you wake up at that time?

My cat woke me up

Did you have a dream?

Yes I’m spending a lot of my working week in a virtual world, I dreamt I was in virtual reality – proper Black Mirror stuff

Do you think today will be 'good' or 'bad' day? (use your own definition of these words to answer the question)

I think today will be a learning day

What are the first three things you do after waking up?

Wash, see to the animals and put the kettle on

Do you eat breakfast? If yes, what did you have?

I’d love to say something like ‘smashed avocados’ or smoked mackerel but I am in fact a poor advert for the NHS because breakfast normally consists of 2 cups of coffee and a ciggie/vape (I’m trying to quit!)

What would be your perfect breakfast?

Full English without the tomatoes and mushrooms. With coffee.

Is there anything that you have to do today but don't particularly want to?

Yes – a B12 injection that really hurts and a lecture advice from the nurse about smoking

List five things that you do between 9am and noon.


2. Brush teeth and get ready for work

3. Feed my animals

4. Check my emails

5. Drive to wherever I’m working that day

Did you eat lunch? If yes, what did you eat?

I’m on the road quite a bit so sometimes lunch is a quick sandwich in the car or between meetings. Today tho I was in the office at St Georges so I had some food from the cafĂ©. The chicken curry was lovely but I still had to pick out the mushrooms

What would be your perfect lunch?

A picnic somewhere or a Chinese from the Fortune Cookie van in Morpeth and a row on the boats on my lunchbreak

List five things that you have done, said, thought, or that have happened between noon and 5pm.

1. I’ve thought ‘did I put the washing in?’ and ‘did I leave my hair straighteners on?’

2. I did put the washing in and hadn’t left my straighteners on

3. I had a huge row marital discussion with my husband for getting a speeding ticket AND a parking ticket in the same week

4. I had a catch up in the office with my manager and work colleagues

5. I have played/practiced with the VR kit I’m using in my new job

Do you eat dinner/tea? If yes, at what time?

I have chicken breasts with picolino tomatoes, garlic, chilli and herbs in the slow cooker. Prepared it last night so I don’t have to cook when I get home from work

What do you eat?

I’ll try most things but not shellfish and fungus

What would be your perfect dinner?

I love spicy food so a curry house is good or if I’m having a self care day it has to be mince and dumplings.

What do you do with your evening (5-8pm)?

Tonight I’m working. I’m doing 3 different roles at the moment. I’m training with the VR equipment, and preparing for tomorrow’s meetings. Around 7pm I’ll take my dog out and then have some dinner and watch Netflix


Do you have a 'get-ready-for-bed' routine? If so, what is it?

I go over the day and make a mental to do list for tomorrow, I read in bed for a while

What time do you go to sleep?

Normally around 11.30pm

Is this when you want to go to bed? Or is it influenced by what you're doing the following day?

I’m very lucky that apart from work my time is my own so I can sleep whenever I’m tired. On Sundays I lie in until lunchtime but through the week I’m up around 06.30am for work

Do you share your bed?

Yes I’m married to a big bearded man that looks like a Viking, I have a 10 stone Rottweiler and a cat. I’m lucky if I can fit in the bed sometimes!

Which position do you tend to sleep in? e.g. foetus, starfish etc.

I don’t know. I’m asleep. Ask Mr Tunney


What was your favourite part of your day?

The days not finished yet…..

What was your least favourite?

Fuxxng Husband getting a parking ticket

Did anything happen today that you'd like to change or re-do?

I’d tell my husband to remember the stupid parking disc next time He’s in Morpeth

Did you 'learn' anything today? (use your own definition of this word to answer the question)

Yes. I learned that although I have some uncertainties in my life at the moment it’s not forever and there are people I can trust. I also learned how to set up the VR equipment so I can use it in with patients in their homes. And I learned at shouting at my husband for getting a parking ticket doesn’t change the fact we have a parking ticket and just pay the damn thing! Lesson learned Mr T (I know he reads your blog)

Are you looking forward to tomorrow?

I don’t fear tomorrow and that’s a big improvement from where I once was. Tomorrow will be what it will be and I’ll handle anything that comes my way the best I can

What do you have planned?

Finish admin work, take my dog out then into my jarmies,, dinners in the slow cooker. Probably watch some Netflix then get an early night. 9am meeting in Sunderland tomorrow in rush hour traffic from Newcastle, it will be an early start

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