Blog World, meet Dolly

For those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter then my apologies it's taken me so long to do this blog post as you all know I met Dolly on the 22nd.
I think I've made it known on here, that an aim in my recovery was to have my own kitten called Dolly. My Mum, thoughtfully suggested I buy a collar whilst I was in Hospital to use it as a motivation. When I discovered I had to come to another 'ward' before my discharge to the community I hoped I'd be allowed a kitten as I'd have my own little bungalow, but I've found myself grateful that we weren't allowed pets as I wouldn't have had the motivation to get out of here so quickly.
I searched GumTree and Pets4Homes for the past month or so; and at one point, I tried to convince people that £200 was a good price for a RagDoll kitten. They weren't having it.
And then, I discovered Dolly. She was on an advert for two kittens; herself and her sister who was all black. I messaged the number to check she was still available and I pulled out all the stops to be able to go over to Durham to meet her and the lady selling her. And it clarified all of my instincts; she's my Dolly!
She'll be allowed to leave her Mum on the 7th December, so I'll be collecting her on the 8th. Every morning, I look through my photos of her and I'm dreading having to move to my own home in the community and live there for a week without Dolly, so I'll be keeping busy and hopefully it'll go by quickly. I'm so happy to have finally achieved something which has been my goal for about a year. Now, I have to come up with some more!

Here's some photos:



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