Mind UR Moustache event with YoungMinds for Movember 2014 | 'Ad'

Today I worked at the Mind UR Moustache event which we held at Newcastle University outside of the Student Union. I went on behalf of YoungMinds but there was many partner organisations there too. I helped out on the YM stall where we were getting sign ups  and spreading the word for the VS campaign with our freebies and leaflets. We also had to get some responses for the Department of Health asking what Universities can do to improve student's mental health and wellbeing.
I guess the main aim of this post is obviously to raise awareness for YM and the VS campaign, and also, for people to keep a watch out for these events in their area.
For anyone who was there and took an interest and signed up; thank you so much! You're helping us to change the face of mental health for the better, for so many young people.

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