F & BBloggers Vs Other Bloggers

I'm not sure if I've made it known on my blog before, but I am a bit of a stereotypical girl in that I love fashion and beauty. Being a 'blogger' myself, I'd think it only natural to assume that I (like many others) follow fashion and beauty blogs; some, religiously.
The thing is, now that I'm a 'blogger' I seem to look at them differently; I don't just pay attention to the pretty outfits and the beauty product reviews; I look at the opportunities that the bloggers themselves are offered as a result of their blog's success. At first, that was centred around the freebies many beauty and fashion bloggers are often gifted from PR. I understand they do this to gain publicity with fashion and beauty bloggers having a massive influence over their immense fan base, and so I understand why it might seem irrelevant to gift me a new jumper from River Island because the people who read my blog, don't come here to check out my style. That being said, it doesn't stop me from thinking it a little unfair. And then, one blogger I was religiously following, got a book deal; my ultimate dream is to write a book! And magazines are constantly doing articles on particular bloggers or asking them to style a certain shoot. After a while of silently resenting such bloggers, I figured it won't change so I needed to make it.
I had a think about how I could use my blog's success as leverage in making opportunities for myself and since doing this, so much has come my way! I've delivered a presentation at the Yorkshire and Humber Recovery Outcomes meeting and taken part in a University research study which will be published in a national psychology magazine. More recently though, I have been able to secure a position Co-Facilitating the benefits of creative writing course at Recovery College (the College is explained here) and, will be eventually Facilitating 'Bloggers Workshop with Aimee from I'm NOT Disordered.'
I was recently asked by a member of staff if I was comfortable talking in front of crowds considering most of these opportunities involve public speaking, and it made me realise something; I'm not. If you said to me, "stand up in front of two people you've known your entire life and tell them about your favourite food," I'd probably run out crying - no exaggeration! I'm passionate about my blog and I will feel uncomfortable, scared, nervous... I'll feel all of that if it means taking a good opportunity to get my blog out there. Kind of in the same way that if you asked me to talk about my Mum... Then I could. And I would. Because I'm passionate.
The moral of the story? Some people get things handed to them on a plate, others have to work for it and make their own luck. Decide which one you'd be happier being.

On a side not, the blogger I aspire to is Zoella who, I'm sure, many of you will have heard of. She's getting some amazing opportunities off the back of her blog's success and the part I most admire about is that she's remained grounded, throughout.
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