2015 Goals & Aims

[Note: I did one of these posts for 2014 so, some of those which I didn't achieve will be going onto this 2015 one and they will be marked with a *]
1. I want to try to pay off my overdraft this year*
2. I'd like to complete my trauma therapy*

3. I want to go to London when I can actually enjoy it

4. I'd like to successfully manage co-facilitating the creative writing course at Recovery College so that I can facilitate my own workshop.

5. I'd like to become more confident with my body*

6. I'd like to have more confidence in my style to experiment a bit with fashion*

7. I'd like to have some sort of job/role/volunteering that I do on a regular basis

8. I'd like to have some kind of holiday/time away with my Mum and with Chelsea

9. I want to be well organised with paying my bills

10. I want to go and see the Pandas in Edinburgh Zoo with my Mum.
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