F & B Meets MH

Hi lovely people!
I am pleased to announce a new Series of Blog Posts that I plan to launch within the next month or so.
As I've recently blogged, I feel that there is a divide between fashion and beauty bloggers and basically, any other bloggers (I'd class myself as a 'Mental Health blogger' though I'd accept 'Lifestyle' to generalise it).
The aim of this new Blog Series, will be to blur this divide by showing you all that just as I have a passion for clothes and beauty products, there are fashion and beauty bloggers out there with a passion to reduce mental health stigma. However, in the same way that you won't find an OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) post on my blog, any personal experience they may have in the area will not be widely known because it is not what they blog about.
This Series has been named F&; B Meets MH (a play on our category hashtags!) and I have a number of popular and talented fashion and beauty bloggers lined up to write guest posts of their personal experience in mental health and complete Q&As for me.

If you're a fashion or beauty blogger reading this, there's still room for more to join the series; just e'mail me: aimeewilson@live.co.uk

Use our #FBMH to see what's happening in the Series...
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