Ok, something a little bit different on here.
I know that I've been known to rant based on recent news stories, but this isn't a rant. This is a call for help...
I was looking at a friend's Twitter account last night when I noticed she'd retweeted a petition and the tweet caught my attention. It was from a Mum. A Mum who had taken to twitter, not to follow her children's movements, but to campaign for her daughter. Maisie.
Maisie is thirteen and has autism but was sectioned after self-harming. Because there is no 24/7 CAMHS care in Kingston Upon Hull, Maisie is now sectioned to a facility over an hour away from her family.
It's worth mentioning that also in the Hull area, at this time; there's three other known families who are visiting their detained children as far as Manchester, Liverpool and Northampton.
As much as Maisie's Mum wants her daughter closer, she's campaigning for the local area to have their 24/7 CAMHS care re-instated, not just for her personal situation.
Now, I constantly bang on about being so amazed at all of my views... Well, here's where I'm calling on you guys, please sign this petition?

As a young person detained over 100miles away from her Mum, this campaign is incredibly close to my heart and is made all the worse by Maisie's age; I barely coped at 21!

Signing the petition will literally take a few minutes of your time- in fact, rather than reading another of my post's, please use the time to sign the petition?

Petition: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/73548
Twitter: https://twitter.com/getmaisiehome
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/getmaisiehome/?fref=ts

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