FBMH: Guest Post By Katie from 'Gold Dust'

Hello there! My name is Katie and I blog over at http://www.golddust-blog.co.uk/. Thank you to Aimee for allowing me to share my story on her lovely blog!
I have struggled with low moods and anxiety since my teens. It was generally related to my appearance as I suffered with severe acne and used to try and hide behind a face of make up. My moods used to be so low that I would find excuses not to see my friends outside of school or a reason to stay in my bedroom until I had no choice but to leave.
Over the years up until late in 2013, I thought I had everything pretty much under control. I had gotten so used to feeling a certain way, it was what I accepted as 'normal'. That was until I had my first panic attack in November 2013 and consequently went on to have a few more. Along with clammy hands, a rapid heart beat, irregular heart beats and a dry mouth. I went to the GP and was given an ECG and advised to take some herbal remedies.
Needless to say this didn't help and I went on to have several more panic attacks and several more visits to the doctors. Around May 2014 I broke down in the GP and was desperate for some help. After being diagnosed with depression and anxiety I was given a few days to consider my options but in the end I opted for some medications alongside some counselling.
I waited a while for my counselling and in the end booked my own counsellor and paid for my sessions. I had a combination of counselling and CBT which really helped come to terms with my low moods and worries. I would definitely recommend talking therapies along side other treatments.
I now just take medication to keep the edge off my moods and it really does help. I know I won't need it forever but for now it's helping me stay above water. I was really embarrassed to talk about it at first, but then I realised the more we talk about mental health, the less stigma there will be. I always thought it was my fault, until I finally accepted that it's a chemical imbalance in my brain, something I could do very little about! 

I hope this has helped some people!

Katie x
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