I'm NOT Disordered on YouTube

So, as many of you know, Zoella is a bit of a blogspiration for me and I have finally decided to begin vlogging.
The way I'll be using my vlogs will vary; though at the moment, I can't imagine that they'll become the type where I'm sat down talking to a camera with a pretty background behind me unless it's maybe a serious, intense, one-subject kind of vlog... I guess you can never say never. And I've learnt that from this blog.
I hope that people use my vlogs to get a better idea of me and to show what's going on behind the words. Until now, you guys have seen my photo and read my thoughts and feelings and perhaps some of you would like to see this. Me. And the actual emotional. The actual feelings. Perhaps there are people who this might reach out to more; people who need a more visual take on things. And the motivation behind most of what I do is to help others but in the end, I get something out it too; just like blogging, I've found vlogging therapeutic in having the ability to rant and talk things through.

I hope that as an extension of this blog, my YouTube channel, will also help in educating and increasing the understanding of mental health in people, whilst also reducing the stigma that surrounds an area which affects 1 in 4 people.

And before anyone asks, I will of course maintain my blog (I have a gazillion posts scheduled!) and if you'd rather stick with words then feel free to not visit my YouTube channel... But I hope you guys do. And I hope you guys like it.

The link is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxkWBmMgubKY3zfqH_VkZJg

And this is my second video just to give you all a taster of what I'll be posting:

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