Confessions of a Blogger

Becky from BeckyBedBug: When I was at Uni, I made two very good friends in my halls. We discovered - by accident, that the one girls key opened the others' door. One weekend the other girl went home and my remaining friend and I had no money to go out. So we used her key to enter our friend's room, polished off the vodka and filled it with water. When she returned and asked if we thought her vodka tasted like water, we told her that if you leave it open too long the alcohol evaporates. She believed us.

Rebecca from stopbeinginappropriatewithyourbread: I narrate my life in song!

Frankie from CrazyBlondeGal: I had an asthma attack last year after a night out but refused to call A&E because I didn't want to 'inconvenience' them

Safia from MyGriffinWay: I got cramp in my leg at Yoga and I'd forgotten to shave my legs and the hot yoga instructor has to give me a leg rub!

SugarBash: My life depends upon the low 'sock bun' with no shower and dry shampoo giving me a few extra minutes of sleep

Anabel from MascaraandMaltesers: I dated two men who were friends and on the same football team. I somehow managed it for a few months!

Noor from NoorsPlace: My celebrity crush is Derek Hale from the show Teen Wolf.  

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