"I'm actually really lucky!"

I hope that from the '7 Days of BPD Series' you've been able to see how a diagnosis does not meant the sufferers will have the same experience of... Well, anything! On behalf of myself and all of the brave, amazing people who took part, I'd like to thank you all for taking an interest in the project and subsequently improving your understanding of the Disorder that affects, and in some cases; ends, so many lives. 

So, recently a lot of good opportunities and things have come my way and it made me think about my life...
I am so lucky to have my own home at 24 and to have the little kitten I have.
I'm lucky financially.

And I'm lucky sort of career-wise - or at least blog wise! My blog is doing phenomenally well and it never ceases to amaze me; although I now have more faith and belief in it. But it's just that I remember the early days when I'd go knock on Chelsea's door and we'd scream in the corridor because I'd gotten 100 views! And now we're on like 70 odd thousand?!!! Insane! I just found out I got over 6000 in a month - double last month's total!
And it's still developing. I'm constantly working on bettering the blog and thinking of new ideas for posts and putting myself out there so that I can get more opportunities and new content for you guys! And a few people have said this to me recently and I'm so grateful to think that it's even 1% true: I have a lot of influence at the moment. I'm in a good position. I want to do good and I'm spreading my wings and creating connections with other important people.
Speaking of important people... This year, it is the 100 year anniversary of Blind Veterans. Some of you may already know but for those who don't, I work for Blind Veterans as a Skills Developer; aiding members in engaging in arts and crafts activities. And all volunteers and members interested, could ask to attend the celebrations for the anniversary at Buckingham Palace. Obviously, I wanted to, and this morning I found out that I have be chosen to attend! I'M GOING TO BUCKINGHAM PALACE! You aren't allowed cameras in obviously but I can vlog the time I do have in London!

Also, one of my Birthday gifts was a Blogging Planner and at the end of each month you record your views for the month, february mine were just over 3,000 and this past month (March) they doubled to over 6,000! I just feel like it's absolute madness and anything is possible! Thank you everyone! 


  • I plan to film some YouTube tags with friends.
  • I have posts scheduled on here for every Friday.
  • I'm going to Sheffield with Blind Veterans and I'll hopefully be allowed to vlog that too! 
  • I also have two events coming up that I've been asked to blog and vlog for 
  • I'll have to trip to London for the Blind Veterans party to vlog
  • I'll be going to Leeds with Lauren one weekend to blog and vlog
  • Rebecca will be staying over for a few days which will undoubtedly result in hilarious vlogs! 

Finally, I'm aware that the links are on the front page but for those who don't know:
I'm on Instagram
And YouTube
And Twitter
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