StopBeingInappropriateWithYourBread Does Newcastle!!!!

It has been a long time since I've had a fun, drunk and therefore normal, Bank Holiday, but this weekend, StopBeingInappropriateWithYourBread (otherwise known as Rebecca!) made this happen. 
So we spent our two years which we were together for in Hospital, fantasizing about us both being discharged and meeting up and getting drunk. In all fairness, (and I'm sure Rebecca will agree) I'm not all that confident that either of us believed it was even possible! BUT, WE MADE IT!!!! Against all of the odds, I am in recovery from Borderline Personality and Rebecca not only the same, but ALSO Anorexia. Some days we're less in recovery than others but we're choosing life over death the entire time. And that's what matters.
Rebecca came to Newcastle Saturday (2nd May) for noon and we went straight to the pub for pitchers! 
Rebecca, made us special glasses! 

After that, I took Rebecca to see my home for the first time and she liked it. We were both surprised, because it's common knowledge that Rebecca's dress sense is... Significantly opposite to my own. (I've never been so polite about it either!) We spent the rest of the day watching movies and we got a takeaway before Rebecca (who'd drank significantly more alcohol than myself) 'fell asleep' on my settee and refused to come to bed when I was going. 
Needless to say, we were in bed a bit late Sunday morning! We sat for an hour just talking though and that was so lovely. And then we drank Prosecco and watched Grey's Anatomy series 4. Then we went along to the cinema and saw Unfriended! I was very impressed that they managed to make a horror film out of a computer screen, basically. Afterwards, we went to Frankie and Benny's for an exciting experience... Basically, us sitting for an hour for our main quickly turned into a massive ordeal for both of our mental states but for completely different reasons. As a result, I spoke to two Managers and our bill was paid for by them. Bit of a victory but still tainted as we then had to go to mine and stay safe and get happier.

That night we managed. As we do, these days.
This morning, we watched a horror before I decided to go back to bed. And then I got the bus times mixed up (as I always do) to go back to the train station so there was a rush for that. Then we raided M&S for food for our delayed and worsening punishment for the indulgent weekend! I was actually a bit emotional saying bye to Rebecca at the train station because it has been an awesome weekend and we've had soooo many giggles! It was a pleasure to have her company as we meander through this 'recovery' malarkey together!

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