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If you don't follow my Twitter or stalk my Instagram or subscribe to the YouTube channel then you might not be aware of my recent relationship changes...
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I've been wanting to write something for/about Ronnie for quite a while, but I was having an internal debate; on the title of this post... I've seen many-a rant on social media about people (usually there's someone in particular that a person is having a sly dig at) who share details of their private life for the world to see. But it seems that there is no code for this. No rule. There's nothing that tells us 'it is ok to speak about your friends but it's not okay to speak about your family.' Or; 'it's ok to talk about your mental health problems, but it's not okay to talk about what has caused it.' Or (more relevantly) 'you can quote funny things your partner says but not those times when they're about their love for you.' You can't have a rule but make exceptions; because then how could it be decided where the line should be drawn?
Ronnie: Talking about our relationship on social media has always been cool with me. There's nothing wrong with letting people know how much you love someone or what you've been up to that day/night; but some things are still kept private too.
I finally came to the conclusion (obviously) that it's a personal decision and I'll post the things that I'm comfortable about telling people - with Ronnie's agreement. And if ever there was a 'perfect moment' to write about our relationship, it would be now.
Because now; there's this pretty sparkling thing on my finger to show the world that we promised each other forever. 

Ronnie has been there from the very beginning. Literally. We met in January 2009 and I took my first overdose that June. I toyed around with the idea of writing about these years (2009-2012) in our relationship but I feel that they're important to help those new to my life to understand the current changes and general 'goings-on!' Also, I realised that my reluctance to write about this time was that I didn't want to 'dwell on the past.' BUT, everything makes us who we are today; and there's a lot of different memories and emotions from those years...

In short, Ronnie held my hand whilst a hole was drilled into my shin bone to administer life-saving treatment, he'd take me to Hospital, or bring me home from Hospital, at the most ridiculous of times, and would sit in A&E with me for hours on end waiting to be seen. I think that those years were not only the hardest, but also the most strengthening of our relationship. As with many of my relationships (friends and family etc) during that time, once I was better, I felt that I had to 'make it up' to the person. An apology. A thank-you. These convictions have all gone after talking it through with Ronnie, and I think that the balance and equality in our relationship now is one of the most amazing qualities to it.
Our many fun and happy moments during 2009-2012 included driving for almost an hour for a McDonald's because we thought that a one further away (than our three nearest ones!) made their burgers much better, creating the inside jokes that I we still say seven years later, the many road trips; with my favourites being to the Lake District, Manchester and to a family wedding (from his side) in Knottingley. And, of course, I can remember all of those key moments:
the first time we met - that only after drunk kisses I was told that the people staring at me across the room were his parents and younger sister!
When we first said 'I love you' whilst driving home and Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes was playing.
When we first danced together at my 18th Birthday Party (February 2009) and Beyoncé - Halo was playing.

Keep an eye out for the next post all about our relationship now and some more photographs from our amazing glamping experience (that Ronnie chose to propose on) with Pasturewood Holidays
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