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Stigma in Mental Health: The role stigma plays and strategies for positive change
Date: Tuesday 8th May 2017

Raf Hamaizia - About to have dinner with @CygnetNurses and @wayne2183ac but they don't eat as much as me so I have had snack beforehand
Wayne S - and look who's just joined us, its @aimes_wilson

Raf Hamaizia - Having a catch-up with my @aimes_wilson after annoying @JulieKerry6 a little over dinner! Looking forward to tomorrow Anti-Stigma conference

Kicking off DAY TWO of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #MHAW2017 with @cygnethealth 's #changestigma event

09:45am - 10:00am Introduction and welcome from our Joint Chairs
Julie Kerry, Director of Nursing and Patient Experience, Cygnet Health Care and Rafik Hamaizia, Expert By Experience, Cygnet Health Care

Cygnet Health Care - We are under way as @RafHamaizia and @juliekerry6 introduce the themes of today's conference on Stigma in Mental Health #changestigma

"I'm a big fan of Recovery Colleges" - @Raf_Hamaizia #MHAW2017 #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #changestigma @cygnethealth

10:00am - 10:30am Stigma - What it means to us
Introduction to and presentation of, a short film developed and produced by service users

First presentation is by Service Users from @cygnethealth Bierley #changestigma #MHAW #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

"We're extremely proud of what we have achieved, we hope you enjoy it" - Service Users introduce their film titled 'what stigma means to us'

NHS Leeds West CCG - Currently watching an amazing film challenging stigma put together by service users @cygnethealth Bierley well done! #changestigma

"I feel embarrassed around my mental health with my family, and I don't want my Cousins to know" - one @cygnethealth Bierley Service User

one @cygnethealth Service User was told that "no one will ever love me because of my scars" #changestigma #MHAW #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Adam Stewart - Kudos to @cygnethealth Bierley for that amazing anti-stigma film. A lot of hard work put in #changestigma #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2017

during the film we heard from a Consultant Psychiatrist who talked about facing stigma towards her profession & career #changestigma #MHAW

Wayne S - Questions and feedback from the audience after watching the fantastic film from @cygnethealth Bierley service users #changestigma

Charlotte Byrne - Powerful film 'stigma, what it means to us' from Bierley
External/social and Internal/self stigma
"Label jars not people"

After watching the short film by @cygnethealth Bierley Service Users @Raf_Hamaizia said he'd found it 'informative' #changestigma #MHAW

He, @Raf_Hamaizia , also said that he felt as though the film could have been produced by professionals #MHAW #changestigma
During Q&As @cygnethealth Bierley team talked about how support from management staff had helped them put the film together #changestigma

10:30am - 11:10am Recovery Academies and their varied roles
Kevin Scallon, Lead for Recovery Academy, Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust, Peer Mentors and Experts By Experience

Cygnet Health Care - Next is Kevin Scallon with peer mentors & experts by experience from
@GMMH_NHS to talk to about the Edenfield Recovery Academy #changestigma

NHS Leeds West CCG - Listenting to @GMMH_NHS talk about their Recovery Academy @cygnethealth #changestigma conference for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Karen Fenton - Wonderful to hear about the impact of the recovery academy in Manchester @cygnethealth #changestigma event today. #coproduction #peersupport

Recovery College - Edenfield campus Recovery Academy really setting the bar high! Fantastic to see people getting so much from Recovery Academy #changestigma

Karen Fenton - Fab quote/mindset "if you can't knock the whole wall down, make a door & focus on keeping that open first" #systemchange #changestigma
Charlotte Byrne - Use feedback
                             Move forward
                             Change and develop
                             Don't stand still

Charlotte Byrne - Offer opportunities and make bespoke opportunities
                             Real world is where we want our S/Us to be
                             Make connections

Charlotte Byrne - EXEs can teach us something - they have 'worn the shirt' ExEs want to give back - know feeling of having nothing to do on ward

The team from @GMMH_NHS talked about the helpful feedback from those who use their Recovery Academy #changestigma #MHAW

One @GMMH_NHS Service User described the Recovery Academy as 'illuminating' and 'a great part' of their journey #MHAW #changestigma

Katherine Stephens - Fantastic start to the day, hearing from courageous service users making a difference for others @cygnethealth #changestigma

11:10am - 11:30am Refreshments

Caught up on all of my notes in time for the last 5mins of the refreshment break #changestigma #MHAW MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Or not... everyone has gone to their workshops!! #changestigma #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #MHAW

11:30am - 12:10pm Recovery Academy Workshops - Elements of the Recovery Academy Experience
Facilitated by Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust (Delegates are invited to choose one workshop to attend)

Workshop 1: Co-Production of a Prospectus of Relevance and Personal Meaning for the Future

Charlotte Byrne - Collaborative risk CQUIN start of 'collaboration'
                             Relationships changed from boundaries to 'getting to know me'

Charlotte Byrne - ....
                             Induction to secure services
                             Running dialogue
                             Simply experienced SUs talking to new people about the journey

Charlotte Byrne - EXEs 'get the message through'
                             not sures = reassured
                             advice = making the best of opportunities
                             help at 'stuck' point

illustrates importance of staff attitude
focuses on important of a purposeful life beyond services and through employment opportunities
learnt that having Service Users in sessions can help with hope for their peers that find it challenging to have hope for the future
a number of people in the workshop also found the content 'powerful'

Workshop 2: Peer Mentorship Programmes - Building Capacity for Service User Involvement in Recovery Academy Activities

Shawn from Cygnet Wyke - Really good - liked it. Found it 'positive'
Adam from Leeds - liked it. Espectially likes lists of guidance which gave something to work towards
Olivia from Woking - it gave the opportunity to see something she never had before and it gave her something interesting to think about
Camiella from Bradford Cygnet - found the workshop really structural. And thought that it motivated people to think within and go deeper to find their positives and strengths that they didn't know they had!
Shaun from Humber NHS - found the workshop really reflective as it allowed you to look at positives and look into yourself and thought it a really healthy piece work
Gemma from Taunton - loved it! She thought it was admirable to give back and said her team would be adding part of the work to their service's discharge package

Workshop 3: Volunteering - Balancing Challenges and Opportunities

"It's great to hear about Service Users volunteering"
"It's good to hear about what Service Users can engage in after discharge"
"With staff organising placements for Service Users, it's helpful to have that link to the community"
"It was so sad to learn that sometimes organisations will hold such a stigma that they won't accept or work with, people with a mental health or forensic history"

12:30pm - 13:10pm Advocacy; it's role in addressing stigma
John-Paul Kozah, Business Development Manager and IMHA and Lindsey Martin, Operations Director, Advent Advocacy

Recovery College - Speak out for those who can't #changestigma

Charlotte Byrne - Speak out, speak about
                             'Prince Harry'
                             High profile people speaking out against stigma
                             Influential research

Julie Kerry - Hearing how important language is #changestigma @JPKozah speaking out @cygnethealth

Many shocked faces when @JPKozah pointed out this (mostly) unseen news clip from the #UnitedAirlines saga #changestigma #MHAW

Charlotte Byrne - Careful of language use
                             'Victorian asylumees' occasionally pop up & block good work done
                             Media & celebs have responsibility

Charlotte Byrne - Stigma - 'physical mark' of outcasts in 1660's
                                            Advent Advocacy talking stigmatising experiences
                                            Body language
                                            Sounding board

Cygnet Health Care - 'How you support a person today influences how they respond tomorrow' Lindsey and @JPKozah from Advent Advocacy #resilience #changestigma

My table is definitely The Most Focused group here at #changestigma with @cygnethealth for #MHAW ft. @Raf_Hamaizia @nhorne68 @wayne2183ac

13:50pm - 14:10pm Stigma - Using Technology as a Tool to Address Stigma
A Vlog by Aimee Wilson, Press Blogger

Adam Stewart - Amazing to see @aimes_wilson VLOG on the importance of blogging and how technology is a way for S/Us to reach out to the world #changestigma

Yorkshire and Humber - Amazing Vlog from @aimes_wilson @cygnethealth conference #changestigma #open #honest #candid #inspiring #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

NHS Leeds West CCG - inspirational talk from @aimes_wilson on how blogging and technology can #changestigma in #mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2017

Recovery College - We're all human! @aimes_wilson speaking about the value of technology in recovery. Well done, so proud #changestigma


14:10pm - 14:50pm Mental Health First Aid - its role in assisting organisations to address mental health stigma
Holly Alix and Angela Wall, Mental Health First Aid Trainers and Sarah Fanning, Racing Welfare

Cygnet Health Care - We are now hearing from Holly & Angela from @MHFAEngland - there are now over 120k mental health first aiders in England #changestigma
[when discussing Stigma being the perception that a certain attribute makes a person unacceptably different from others, leading to prejudice and discrimination against them] Recovery College - It effects even the strongest of us! #changestigma

When @Juliekerry6 is glued to her phone! #changestigma #MHAW @CygnetNurses

Angela Pereira - #changestigma Mental Health First Aid, lets help them to achieve 1 in 10 people trained and understanding MH and reducing stigma.

Wayne S - @YumberNetwork Holly Alix explains her involvement with Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA) #changestigma @burmic @ianmcallaghan

Cygnet Health Care - 'Together we can train 1 in 10 of the population in Mental Health First Aid skills' - Angela @MHFAEngland #changestigma
Charlotte Byrne - Early intervention and prevention
                             Non judgemental listening skills

Guaranteed to have a lot of content when this guy (@mattofthedales ) is in charge of the @cygnethealth account #changestigma #MHAW

16:20pm - 16:30pm Summation and close

Charlotte Byrne - "Together is the only way to challenge stigma" closing msg @Juliekerry6
                              Thank you Cygnet for a wonderful inspirational day

Wayne S - Raf = "who the hell is Oscar Wilde" #changestigma

Charlotte Byrne - Oscar Wilde inspires @Raf_Hamaizia summary of the day 'We have come a long way - but there is a way to go" ExEs are the way...

Slight delay in tweets from #changestigma due to lots of compliments, introductions to important people, & invitations! #bloglife

Angela Pereira - A very warm and inspiring day at #changestigma conference with a few of my very warn and inspiring team members

To read Cygnet's report on the event click here
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