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I remember my first visit to London when I was eighteen and my Mum took me down there for my Birthday. We had one of those theatre weekends booked where you get train fayre, a hotel room, and a night at a show of your choice in one packaged price. We chose The Lion King because it’s one of my favourite Disney movies and makes me cry every single time I watch it – no matter how old I get! Since then I’ve visited London on a number of occasions and for a number of different reasons; we visited again to see Legally Blonde on my 21st Birthday, attended a party at Buckingham Palace to celebrate Blind Veterans 100th Birthday, and I’ve attended numerous conferences, meetings, and events there. At one point, I was in London so often that I seriously considered moving down there. And then one of the terrorist attacks happened. And I was round the corner. It was when the man was found near Westminster with a bag full of knives. I remember leaving the event in the taxi and people were running, screaming towards us whilst Police riot vans raced in the opposite direction. After a little while, I couldn’t let it stop me from visiting the city that I’d grown to love so much.

Having an inspiration in life is so essential to realising your potential, aiming for the stars, and chasing your dreams. Being a Blogger, it’s only natural that two of my biggest inspirations are Bloggers. Zoe Sugg and Victoria McGrath are so much more than Bloggers; they’re both hugely successful business women and incredible role models. Their content inspires that of I’m NOT Disordered, and I’ve adopted their life and work attitudes; living life to the full and working your ass off to do it.

There are literally thousands of quotes in my life that I apply to all aspects of my life, but I could only choose one for this post. So I chose the one that makes me feel the greatest; that makes me feel like I can conquer anything. Like I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Sad, negative quotes help us to feel less alone; like if someone else has said this - or made this into a picture - then someone else has felt like I do. Someone else has felt like this and gotten through it. And then there's the positive and uplifting quotes like the one above that make us grateful for other people in the world.

I decided to choose a photo of somewhere I’d love to go because dreams, hopes, and plans for the future are so important and essential in day-to-day life. They keep us going when things get tough and give us hope when things seem so completely hopeless.

My ‘work’ is my life. My blog is my life. I’m NOT Disordered is everything to me.
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