The Fight - A Poem

I once felt so failed,
I once felt so alone,
I wanted so badly to scream,
Praying that I’d wake from a dream
I tried to tell them,
I tried to show them,
I tried to make them understand,
The pain I felt at his hand
I was ignored,
I was dismissed,
And left unguarded
So I did my best,
I tried my hardest,
To survive,
Whilst thinking I’d never thrive
I ran,
I cut,
I fought,
And through all that time he was never caught
Although I’m stronger,
Although I’m happier,
It hasn’t stopped hurting,
And there’s every chance of it all reverting
All the wrong people,
Say all the right things,
Whilst the right person,
Still has the power to make everything worsen
There are things I can’t change,
Things that will never stop,
I accept this,
To avoid the abyss
And although it calls,
And beckons me closer,
And the numbing is so appealing,
And the darkness is so unfeeling
I can no longer hide,
I have to follow the light,
I want to keep up the fight,
And now I know, that this is right
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