What've You Missed?

So, I figured it's only been about six weeks and you guys can't have missed that much...

I got lots of 'Good Luck' and 'New Home' cards!

I spent my last day at the Hospital walking through the woods, visiting the local museum and being thrown a surprise party by the girls on the ward


I saw my first squirrel in the woods and I've seen a lot more since moving; there's always a squirrel popping up at my backdoor!

This, was closely followed by rabbits - ACTUAL rabbits! Not hallucinations!!!! ...

I've been doing a lot of baking here.

And, have been on a few day trips...
I've battled difficult evenings of the old thoughts and feelings, had a triggering trip to college, made numerous phone calls to the staff for their spider-killing skills, made my home presentable for my family visiting, passed another distance learning course, applied for millions of jobs, fell a dozen times (literally, not metaphorically), came close to overdosing, been offered a job opportunity, attended an interview, attended a meeting with the Young Mind's folks in Newcastle, got onto stage 3 self-meds, viewed a 'forever home' and been given it, begun attending Recovery College and gotten addicted to Foil Scrapers and Paint By Numbers.
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