5 Years Ago, I Wish I'd Known...

  • That I have a chance.
  • That I might not kill myself.
  • That what happened to me, wasn't my fault.
  • That I shouldn't let my fear of people's opinion of me stop me from telling them what happened to me.
  • That relationships shouldn't last solely because you feel indebted to that person.
  • That eventually, professionals will care.
  • That those who don't (care) shouldn't matter.
  • That I will become strong enough to face mental health stigma.
  • That it doesn't matter how many friends you have or who they are.
  • That I will find a reason to live.
  • That overdosing at the place of my trauma will not solve anything.
  • That there is no shame in taking/needing medication and I shouldn't let anyone make me feel that there is.
  • That I'd have scars on my arms for a long time.
  • That hallucinations can't hurt you as badly as you can hurt yourself.
  • That not going to University does not make you a failure.
  • That admitting to being bullied says more about the bullies than it does about you.
  • That those bad feelings will end without having to self-harm.
  • That the scales and the label on your clothes should not determine your happiness; there's more important things in life.
  • That honesty is the best policy.
  • That there will never be a person more important than my Mum.
  • That your family will not be here forever; you should appreciate them and tell them you love them every day.
  • That animals really can be your best-friend.
  • That money is never worth the worry.
  • Someone will eventually come along and see my pain and help me.
  • That I will live.

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