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Hi folks! 

Tomorrow, I have been asked to attend National Good Gestures Day in Newcastle and as usual, I'll be their blogger and vlogger. The Head of Communications has just asked me to write this post to let you guys know about tomorrow, why it's happening and what is happening. 

'National Good Gestures Day was Stephen Sutton’s Fix: a mission to recruit a team of young people to join him in handing out free hugs, high-fives, handshakes and fist bumps, with the sole aim of making others smile.

Speaking about his Fix on ITV, Stephen said: ‘My cancer was a huge kick up the backside and made me realise that I might as well do something with my life.

‘I’ve found the best way to help myself is to help others and if everyone had that attitude the world would be a wonderful place.’

Three days before he died, he asked us to make it an annual event and we thought you’d like to help us make this even bigger than last year!!

This year, National Good Gestures Day is on Saturday 16th May and you can join in between 11am and 3pm to show everyone what a Fixer is made of! Please register prior to the event here https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GG2016

We are looking for young people across the UK, who are 16-25, to get involved in this year’s event and help us make it bigger and better than last year! 

For more information please visit www.fixers.org.uk'

(Taken from the National Good Gestures Day 2015 Newcastle Facebook page)

I hope to have my blog post and vlog of the day up on Sunday (17th) so please check back in then. I'll also be tweeting throughout the day if you'd like to follow me on @aimes_wilson
If you're around Newcastle tomorrow between 11am and 3pm then please pop along to Eldon Square and find one of our lovely people for a FREE hug just to add a bit of shine to your day :) 

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