FIVE Day Holiday

On Monday (17.08), I picked my best-friend up from the train station and we began a five day holiday.
I've talked about Chelsea a lot before but in case you've missed it; the Hospital in Bradford that I spent two and a half years at, had a buddying system. This meant a patient who'd been there a while was matched to a new patient being admitted. Chelsea was my buddy. And we're best-friends and speak every day. We share our darkest thoughts, support one another and mean a lot to one another.
So, Chelsea travelled all the way from Chester/Liverpool to spend five days with me. She got here late on the Monday so we just had a few drinks, had a takeaway and watched a movie.

Chelsea had now discovered that I fidget a lot in my sleep and I'd discovered that she stretches way onto my side of the bed!
It was raining so we decided to go to the Metro Centre, which is a very large shopping centre. We went in so many shops and were absolutely shattered by the time we fell into a booth in Pizza Hut. In all fairness, neither of us spent a ridiculous amout; we both did rather well. I even invested in a pair of Missoni sunglasses!
On the night-time I was beginning to feel more poorly than I had done at the beginning of the day but we watched movie before bed. 

I had to leave Chelsea at mine so I could go see the GP because she was sound asleep and I was up and in pain. Whilst I was waiting for my appointment, Chelsea messaged saying that Dolly (my kitten) wouldn't let her go into the living room. I'd seen her hiss at her but was shocked to see Dolly actually hit at her.
The GP said I had cystitis and I was given anti-biotics and meds to reduce the acid in my stomach, that was supposedly what was causing the pain. 

Once I got home and saved Chelsea from Dolly (!), we caught a bus to Whitley Bay, which is a little town on the coast. We walked along the causeway to the lighthouse and had a look at the view. It was a beautiful, sunny day too! 
Then we went along to the amusements where Chelsea wasted some money and won nothing! Then we caught another bus along to Tynemouth (more southern down the coast) and visited the sea life centre. I'd explained how they had otters, seals and little Amazonian monkies but Chelsea was amazed by the turtles! We must've spent ten minutes watching these turtles trying to get onto the rock and falling off, chasing one another and posing for selfies! We also had the surprise of watching three Degus mating!
I was so tired from all of the walking and were were both excited to get into our pjs back at mine. We got a takeaway, watched a movie and had a few drinks and giggles.

We decided to have a bit of a lazy day on Thursday as Chelsea had to leave early the next morning. So first, we filmed the'Blindfolded make-up challenge' for YouTube, and then we spent hours getting ready before filming the 'who's most likely to challenge.' The Blindfolded was hilarious and the most likely was interesting to learn what we differed about and what we thought of one another and the reasons for that. After that, we met my Mum at our local Wetherspoons and that was lovely. Chelsea and my Mum get on so well and we had a lovely meal and drinks.
Back at mine, Chelsea and I watched another movie before heading to bed.

On Friday morning, I surprised myself with how sad I felt at saying goodbye to Chelsea. And after she'd left I found myself speaking as though she were here. I had to get used to having the house to myself, the way I want things and only have Dolly to talk to. 

I must admit that it was a struggle to avoid blogging for the entire five days. A lot of people have recently raised the point that they all have shifts so that once they've finished their work then it's 'me time.' Whereas I don't get to switch off. So even when I was avoiding my laptop and drafting future blog posts, I had e'mails coming through and phone calls to dodge and texts to reply to. And notifications on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There's no switching off for me. The point is, it's about how it effects you that determines whether this is a good thing or not. And I'm still trying to get a handle on that part. 

To watch the vlog of this holiday...

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