NOTE: This post is ridiculously belated (the #MultiAgencyNE event was September 2016) but I recently came across it in my 'drafts' blog post file and didn't want it to go unpublished! So, here's some words of praise for someone who (in my opinion) is a bit of an unsung hero. Claire Andre is one of those amazing professionals who is genuine and dedicated to what she does - it isn't just a paycheque for her. She takes things to heart; and has been one of the best mentors I could've asked for!

"Claire and her team have put together a fantastic event which promises to be a real opportunity to showcase some wonderful work in mental health and improving outcomes for service users"

"Claire is a force of nature: she gets stuff done and she's waded fearlessly in to a police culture that isn't always sympathetic to the problems in mental health. This amazing event shows what she's capable of - well done, Claire!"
Michael Brown OBEBlogger, and Mental Health Coordinator for NPCC and the College of Policing

"We did it! Well done partner in crime!"
Inspector Steve Baker, Mental Health Lead for Northumbria Police

"Many thanks to Claire A for all her hard work in making today's multi-agency partnering event such a success. Oh, and for everything else she does everyday with Northumbria Police to tackle mental health stigma through education and to support people when in crisis"
John Lawlor, Cheif Executive Officer of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS

"Northumbria Police are pioneering with NTW and Claire Andre has been at the center of that. She's a real worker, she's very solid, she's very easy to get on with, and she's got such a drive to make things better"

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