I'm NOT Disordered Is In Take A Break!!! | 'Ad'

It feels like forever ago since me and my blog were first in the media... http://imnotdisordered.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/im-in-evening-chronicle.html
Afterwards, I was then asked to feature in the DailyMailOnline and then BBC Midlands Radio and I was signed up to North East News and Pictures who then got me my contract with Take A Break. We had a few run throughs of what they had wrote and the changes I wanted to make because in previous media, I hadn't been very happy with some of the wording etc so I wanted more control this time. Ultimately, it has come out really well; only little niggle was them spelling my Mum's name wrong!

So, this is the cover you need to look for when you buy the issue!

And this is page 77

And 78

I love how important Dolly is in the article but she obviously can't understand that or comprehend the significance of this. So, I'm pleased that I ensured my Mum and the most supportive Doctor EVER were named in the article!

Once again, thank you to all of you lovely people reading this; without you guys I wouldn't get such amazing opportunities! 

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