Day One: National Public Health Conference | 'Ad'

So, my main job today was to control the So Me Twitter account which involved tweeting what was happening in our Hub, tweeting photos I'd taken, an tweeting quotes from people who accessed the Hub. I also managed to speak with some people myself. I randomly bumped into the lady which (not so long ago) talked me down from a bridge so that was an amazing opportunity to show her how much happier, safer and positive I am. I also met a lady from the Stratford Time to Change office that I worked in on Time to Talk Day and we chatted about the effects of a mental health diagnosis on your social life. 
Here is our day in photos and quotes from those who accessed the Hub, for more info on the So Me process, read previous post here.

 "a great idea and a very rewarding conversation! Keep up the good work of talking about mental health issues"

"we had a very nice chat and shared some similar experiences. I think we both felt more positive afterwards"
 "lovely idea; enjoyed hearing a real poem and sharing a smile to start the day"

"inspiring and postive..."

"it was a very stimulating conversation and very informative"

 "really great opportunity to share our ideas about seeing the individual and not just the condition..."

"I found we had similar experiences translating and comparing medical and mental wellbeing..."

"We had so much in common; fantastic ambassadors for mental health"
 "interesting discussion about how our lives affect our levels of resilience"

"most encouraging to know/consider that most people break through and succeed no matter their background..."
"believing you can succeed can help many in their ill mental health recovery"

Hopefully tomorrow will be just as positive and productive, and keep an eye out for my vlogs on my YouTube channel

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