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This morning as I was getting ready for our second and final day at the Sage for the National Public Health Conference, I was so hyped up because I had gotten a really good sleep and was excited to meet with the other SoMe founder to discuss working with them in the future.
I was pleased with the way today went because yesterday I felt like I wasn't getting to talk to many people about my blog but I was able to do that today and it was nice that some of the staff were mentioning me when they were networking so I got to pass my cards out more. And I've been offered so many amazing opportunities from working with SoMe in the future to being a Consultant on different projects! It's really exciting and has assured me that I want to go into this kind of career. And, it means you guys have lots to look forward to!
As in my previous post; here's photos and quotes from the day:

"... Empowered to believe in the system now"
- can I just say that this was my favourite quote of the entire day because to make such a powerful change makes our hard work and dedication worthwhile

"... I just found out that there is no shame in having a mental illness; it's all about being insightful"

"good to hear how much can be done despite a rough start"
"we all want to - and can, work out our place in the world"

"It's lovely to hear another perspective on human behaviour towards stigmatization"

"the time will come when you regain control of your past and your past no longer controls you; that is recovery"
"had a good interaction. Mental health is a public health issue that is less talked about by clients"

"what a wonderful and inspiring story"

"thank you for the openness and warmth; I spoke to a lovely, intelligent man"

"mental illness can be a gift"

"excellent project; keep up the good work"

"how the volunteer I spoke to is able to cope with anxiety has taught me to just let go and enjoy the moment without fear"

"had a lovely chat about the importance of talking to reduce stigma"

"valuable moment to pause and reflect; something that needs to happen often. Good mental health doesn't just happen by itself"

"looking beyond the label and at the person is what really counts"

"truthful, open and honest, reflection on a journey from someone with lived experience of mental illness"
"thanks for taking the time to talk to me; I intend to have a lot more conversations"

"I heard a powerful story about how someone overcame mental health problems and has a plan for the future"

volunteer feedback: great to see us all working as a team and supporting each other on both days

"really great event! It was fantastic to have so many conversations with people I've never met"

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Angela from Time To Change for thinking of me for this opportunity, to Oz, Nick, Mish and Alasdair for their time, input and humour, to all of the volunteers for their dedication, honesty and bravery and to the Conference and the Sage for having all of us there! 
By the end of the two days we became a team and a family and I can't wait to work with each and everyone of you guys again in the future! 


To watch the vlog from BOTH days:

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