Happy First Birthday Dolly!

My time with Dolly has been the happiest moments of the past year. Even when she first moved in and had accidents all over my bed, I couldn't resist smiling at her fluffy little face! 

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Top 12 Moments of the Last 12 Months

1. Our first Christmas together which was best remembered as Dolly's numerous attacks on the Christmas Tree and taking the baubles off to one of her hidey holes!
2. The first time I brushed her (she's long haired) and she didn't know whether to try to get away or just lay there and purr!
3. The look on my Mums face every time she sees Dolly, their numerous play times together and the equally numerous toys Mum has bought Dolly. Mum often invites herself over because she feels that she hasn't seen Dolly
4. When she was spayed and was blatantly tripping from the anaesthetic. And the staff at the Vets said she was hissing and swiping but as soon as she saw me she was purring and licking my hand! To phrase the vet "that is not the same kitten we've just wrestled into a cage!" 
5. When I was sat on the settee once, crying because no matter how loud the voices got, I still felt all alone. And so Dolly left the radiator bed opposite me, jumped up on the settee and put her two front paws on me and just sat there. She knew. And I wasn't alone anymore. And I felt loved and comforted, so the tears stopped.
6. Whenever I come home. It doesn't matter how long I've been gone, she'll just want love and attention. Even if it's on a mealtime. Her priority is always affection. In the mornings, as soon as she hears me stir she crys at my bedroom door. I open it and she doesn't want breakfast; she wants to roll around on my bed having tummy tickles while she purrs. 
7. Whenever we talk to one another! I've found myself explaining things to her such as Christmas, the animal her food is from eg "this ones duck, do you know what noise a duck makes, Dolly?" Haha! And now I'm throwing a shin dig for Halloween, I can't wait to try and explain that to her! She gets so curious when she doesn't understand something e.g. if she gets a new toy (which happens often) and she isn't sure how to play with it. She's always learning and she's constantly curious. It's fascinating and refreshing.
8. She talks to birds. It's the most lovely, funny thing! She'll spot a bird through the window and immediately she's on the windowsill talking. She makes the strangest noise.It's not a meow or any noise normally associated with a cat! It's as though she's losing her voice and it just keep breaking and crackling. Sometimes I'll see she's on a windowsill and then I hear that noise and I know there's a bird outside without even having to look!
9. When I was poorly and in hospital but the police thought I was in my home and so they knocked the door in. I was so worried and when I got home and went round the whole house calling for Dolly and checking all of her usual hiding spots, I literally just sat on the floor crying hysterically. I finally came across her hiding among my pjs in my wardrobe. I was so happy that she hadn't escaped whilst the door was caved in but incredibly sad because she was trembling. But when I pullled her towards me and cuddled her in, her 
trembles turned to purrs and she was my Dolly again. And I was her mammy. And I 
promised to never let that happen again.
10. She doesn't even know how famous she is! Once it was official that Dolly would be mine, her photos were all over my blog, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. I wanted everyone to see how cute my recovery goal is. I kept updating my readers on the latest on life with Dolly and was often asked for more Dolly news and photos! So when Take A Break ran my story of my mental health and successful blog with the headline 'My Furry LifeSaver' I was over the moon that someone was recognising how essential Dolly is, not just to my recovery, but to my life. She wasn't just my recovery goal: motivating me to engage in therapies and put effort in, but she now motivates me to stay out of hospital, take all the opportunities offered to me (in the thought it'll make her proud of me) and to budget my money (so that I can buy her the world). She helps keep me alive in the dark moments when I don't want to be.
11. I learnt unconditional love from my Mum, and for years I had the belief that I'd never experience it because I thought myself to be too heartless, cold and undeserving of such a good feeling. But I have that feeling. Dolly has given me that feeling. And I'll be forever grateful to her for that. I'd do anything for her. The thought of life without her, just doesn't bear to think about. 
And number twelve? All of the things to come. It is baffling and warming to think of the rest of my life with Dolly. To think of her meeting any more frogs I might have to kiss until she gets to meet my prince. And when I make a family, she will forever be a part of it. 

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