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Being productive and organised is not just essential for bloggers but for anyone with a life!
However, I've found it more essential in my life now that I am a blog and now that my blog's popularity and the demand of me (as a blogger).
Here's some tips on how I manage...

  • Notebooks. Have seperate notebooks for different things so that you can differentiate between them and know which notebook you need for particular things
  • To-Do notebook. Have one small, long notebook for to-do lists as that size is the easiest to either put in your handbag or leave out in a room without it looking messy or untidy.
  • Lists. My to-do list notebook contains shopping lists, general things to do around the house e.g. hoover or do a load of washing, things I want to buy, presents for friends etc, homeware I still need, books I'd like to buy, things I need to do on my laptop, exercise routines, meds I need to order, appointments I need to make and programmes/films that I'd like to record. There's literally no limit to your lists and it's helpful to have such a wide variety in the one place. This notebook is always just any old thing; nothing special. Just small and thin.
  • Budget. Everyone has different financial circumstances but with mine, I like to make a note of each 'pay day,' when my direct debits are due and calculations of everything I need to save away for bills etc so that I know what I have left to spend on myself,my social life, travelling, shopping etc.
  • Food lists. Some find it useful to make such lists by going through their fridge and cupboards to see what they are running low on. I find it better to write items down as I go to use them and they're either not there or are running low/almost empty. 
  • Prioritize. You can use this skill in many aspects of organisation to aid you in feeling productive. It could even be used in writing food lists, as if you have a budget for your food shop then it's important to buy what is necessary over what you want; e.g. milk over chocolate. Or the kitten's food over a spare bag of sugar. Priorities can also be found within general to-do lists such as recognizing when you should hoover the home over when you should put a load of washing in. Blogging, is the same; you must prioritize what is most necessary in doing with regards to your blog. For example, is it best to write a post about recent events in your life rather than write a post that wouldn't be scheduled to go live for a few months.
  • Notebooks. I have two other notebooks aside from my to-do list one. I have a planner which is larger than A4 and I use it as a calendar. It has spaces to write about blog post titles published and the types of post they are, my appointments with mental health professionals and meeting up with my mum and friends. There is also a page to evaluate my blog for that month by determining what has worked well and what hasn't for it in the past month, and then also what the views have been for that month. I bought this planner from Amazon which has a massive variety especially for bloggers. My other notebook is dedicated to my blog. It includes lists of blog post ideas, vlog ideas and drafts of posts. This book is customised by a shop on Etsy.
  • I also keep a set of memo paper next to my bed in case anything suddenly pops into my head then I can get it written down and sleep well without the fear I'll have forgotten in the morning.
  • Well-being. In being productive it's important to take care of your well-being as it will affect your motivation and energy levels. You can do this by taking any medications, drinking plenty of water, eating well, and getting enough sleep.
  • Time management. To be organised and productive, it's essential that you manage your time well. Prioritizing helps with this. Time management is something I'm not all that good at so I won't give advice but I will say that my biggest struggle with this is in saying 'I'll blog from 2-5pm and then I'll put the laptop away. I don't do that. I just sign onto the laptop and don't give myself a deadline. Sometimes I'll get bored and want read magazines or do a wordsearch but other times, I'll be on the laptop for an entire day until bed. 
  • Inspiration. Everyone finds inspiration in different things. For some, searching for 'stationary' etc on Pinterest is enough to encourage them to buy new notebooks, pens, stationary etc. Others may gain inspiration from reading books about organisation for bloggers in particular. Some may be spurred on by a dislike for a messy lifestyle and desire for order and organisation. 
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