“I haven’t got a chance in getting this collaboration, but I figured that I’d try anyway”
“It’s like I always tell you; shy bairns get nowt!”

I had this conversation with my Mum not long after emailing the PR team at Oliver Bonas. After a few tweets with their Twitter team I finally got the email address for the team I needed to contact, to approach them with a collaboration idea.

A mental health blog probably seems a long way from a fashion blog but there can be more links than you’d think. Especially where the author of the blog is interested in, and passionate about; fashion.

I took Textiles at GCSE level and in ever project, and for every assignment I tried to incorporate clothing pieces as opposed to purely focusing on prints and researching artists specialising in multi-media. Admittedly, I’ve never been a trend setter; I prefer to follow them but my passion for fashion has me customising trends to flatter my body shape. I like how confident clothes and accessories can make you; if I wear a good outfit it doesn’t matter how I’m feeling on the inside, I’m smiling on the outside and strutting my stuff down to the corner shop! I like how happy fashion makes me – you should see my face when I find an amazing new Valentino bag in TK Maxx!

I know that there’s a lot of people out there who are reading this and thinking that this makes me a shallow person, or that I’m materialistic. I think that you shouldn’t be afraid – or ashamed – to talk about what makes you smile and to make the most of that.

So, when the Oliver Bonas PR Team replied, agreeing that it’d be great to collaborate with me – with I’m NOT Disordered – I was over the moon!

For a while now, I’ve spoke about the barrier between fashion and beauty, and mental health bloggers. Following fashion bloggers and being interested in fashion has meant that I’ve always compared myself – and my blog – to theirs. Compared my achievements, accomplishments, and opportunities. And it took me a while to realise that there was no comparison – I could never get the same opportunities because they weren’t relevant to my blogging genre. Over time, as I’ve built up my number of readers and subsequently, my confidence and determination; I’ve come to understand a lot about blogging and that in the industry, you have to make your own opportunities. It takes a hell of a lot of readers to have them handed to you on a plate. My point is, so many opportunities are a result of your numbers and not your talent, so why can’t mental health bloggers who have an interest in fashion also do PR with fashion brands?

So, back onto topic - my collaboration with Oliver Bonas! They kindly gifted me three pieces from their site:

This jumper is the softest piece of clothing that I have ever owned! The copper ‘foil’ detailing brings something a little bit special to a grey jumper.
I wore this jumper in one of my video pieces for Time To Talk Day, you can watch it here


This book is such a genius idea! It is full of activities with something different and unique to do on each page; ranging from ‘Who do you admire & why? Draw a portrait & tag them!’ to ‘Describe your mood in 1 word every time you visit this page.’ The thing I like best is that on some of the pages you can revisit them (as illustrated in the example^^) and reflect on things in a positive way.

This bracelet is now one of four pieces of jewellery that I never take off except for showers; my engagement ring, and two rose gold bracelets that my Mum bought me for my Birthday one year. This unique, and fun bracelet is the perfect addition to my little collection!

I hope you liked this post; I was nervous writing it because I worried that I’d be no good writing about fashion and accessories when I’m not that kind of blogger but it just goes to show what I’ve been saying all along: if you work hard then you can break down barriers and achieve your dreams!
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