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Every week, for 2018 there will be post of what I’ve done in the book each week. And the eighth list?

List the things you like to do that don't involve technology:

I found compiling this list really interesting - I think that one of the aims in doing this list was to illustrate how often you use technology in your day and how much there is to do without it. Quite often you hear of people losing their hobbies because they begin spending so much time online. But on the other hand, the internet has created new, and exciting professions and jobs for people. Something that's incredible for those who may need some sort of adaption to enable them to work.

I often hear people telling me to 'just chill' when they see me fussing about with emails, blogging, and all things social media but I thoroughly enjoy my work! And without technology I wouldn't have found the one thing in life that I'm the most passionate about and the greatest thing in my life. And because it is all of these things, it was hard to think of anything in my life that doesn't involve technology!

spending time with my Mum

Being with R

Playing with Pixie and Dolly (my bunny and cat)


Being in with bestfriends/bridesmaids :)




Reading (kind of a cheat because I do almost always use the Kindle app on my iPhone!)

Singing! (I wanted to write 'listening to music' but then that's Spotify! And sometimes I do just randomly sing a song without the music!)

Just sitting, thinking. Ok, ok; 'doing mindfulness' - I admit it!

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