How do you cope with stress?

I manage stress by going for walks around places I have never been so it occupies my mind when I get a little lost

I manage stress by talking to my family who are able to give me advice & a different view on things

I confide in friends

I manage stress by running, it’s a key part of my daily routing. Well-being is something I encourage my staff to find time to look after, it’s only right for them and I that I do also.

I manage stress by keeping a bullet journal – I include a ‘to do’ list, 5 things I’m grateful for that day & a few lines about my emotions through the day. It really helps me in the moment. I also do crossfit & have a close group of friends & husband I talk to. Failing that, a bar of Toblerone always helps

I use the gym

The coping mechanisms I have developed as part of my recovery, mean I’m able to identify and avoid stressful situations more than I used to do, but when stress is thrust upon me, I talk to appropriate members of my support network and keep myself occupied with my work, to avoid ruminating over it and making it even worse.

I manage stress by trying to identify it before it occurs. But also a daily walk with the dog gives me time to relax and recharge. Also like to go running to release those endorphins once or twice a week. Headspace has been a recent discovery for me and has helped me understand why I get stressed.

Get out and go for a walk. Take deep breaths.

For me, managing stress is through exercise and challenging myself. However, my dog Olly is the best stress buster ever. Lovely walks and meeting people has been brilliant for me

I go for a run

I manage stress by journaling, talking about it with my support network and/or therapist and sometimes meditation or mindfulness can help, as well as warm baths.

Alone time is important for me for my wellbeing. So a long, hot soak in a bath, with a good book. Also spending time doing fun activities with my wonderfully entertaining boy. I also find reiki and my barre class most helpful

I listen to music and embrace spirituality in times of difficulty. To both find strength and take my mind off of the situation at hand.

Being organised and getting on with things. It’s something I’m rubbish at, but if I make a list, get through it and thereby create some empty space for myself without the stress of other things, that’s the only way I can try and truly switch off.

I manage stress by reading something and getting stuck into a colouring book. Very relaxing and therapeutic

Running is my relief; it gives me time to sort my thoughts and cope with life's stresses. It makes me feel good about myself too

For the past month or so, I've been working with Metro to put together an article based on my video tour of a Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust ward. Want to read it?

You could also download the self help guide for stress from Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust for free, here:

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