Thinking of getting me something for Christmas?
 Please pick something from Emmy's Christmas Wishlist instead!
Stuck on what to get your own cat?
Use Emmy's Christmas Wishlist as inspiration!

Sometimes my Mum is really busy blogging and I need cuddles and something to hold onto; this Kickeroo toy would be purrfect


I love my laser pen and this would save Mum the arm ache of waving it around because I could play with it for hours!


My last collapsible tunnel was awesome but I accidentally wee’d in it and it was fur-lined so Mum had to throw it out; these would be perfect for any accidents!


I love me some feathers!


Mum gets Baileys so why shouldn’t I have catnip to celebrate the festive season?!


I love swatting at bugs and flies so this Kimba toy teaser would be amazing!


Sometimes I need a really robust toy to throw around and this Santa is purrfect for Christmas


Because Mum gets chocolate…


I don’t really care for the traditional cat beds but I love hiding in bags so this cosy sack would be the greatest place for a nap


How could I have a Christmas wishlist without scratching furniture?! And to Mum’s surprise, I didn’t pick the most expensive one!


Mum has a fancy, glittery dress for Christmas so why can’t I be dressed up?


I’d love a new food bowl for all of my Christmassy treats!

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