Just because my last few posts have been centered around my kitten; Emmy, don’t think I’ve forgotten my bunny! Pixie’s stocking is very full this year and even though I have a kitten to entertain, I still spend a lot of time with her! I think we’ve bonded even more since losing Dolly because in the week between Dolly passing away and getting Emmy, it was just the two of us and some people might say she wouldn’t  – but I truly believe that she knows Dolly has gone.

So after the popularity of Emmy’s Christmas Wishlist, Pixie had to stick her whiskers in(!) and took over the keyboard for a few hours…

Meadow hay and Marigolds are super good for bunnies and I love the little heart-shaped windows!


My Mum’s friend from Pets At Home Cramlington, suggested using a log for hamsters as a activity for me by putting my hay in for me to pull through the little hamster sized holes. So this wooden Manager would be awesome for that, and for gnawing on!


I love that this treat swing contains some of my favourites; Timothy Hay, Parsley, and Dandelion.


This very cheap gnaw stone comes in three different flavours and I’m yet to try to rose petals one but I love trying new foods.


This treat comes with some of my favourite foods in it; Apple and Parsley! AND it’s shaped like a Christmas Tree! What’s not to like?!


Mum’s next-door neighbour’s Daughter suggested Mum try and get me some Apple sticks because it’s my favourite fruit (though it’s important that it’s only used as a treat because of the sugar content!) so this Apple Stick and Grass Cake treat would be awesome hanging up in my hutch.


Mum sometimes buys me these balls; I love to fling them around my cage!


This looks really exciting! It’d be great to get one and it’s contents be a surprise to me AND Mum!




Mum is going to meet some real Reindeer on Saturday but having onemade of Bark in my cage is the closest I can get!


Mum has had a personalised stocking made for me (how fancy are we?!) by Wood Yew Crafts but this would definitely still fit inside it!


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