After the popularity of my blog post FIVE GREYS ANATOMY QUOTES I LIVE BY, I decided to write another, similar post when I began watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix for about the fourth time now.

“Showing up in the same outfit?! That must’ve been awkward!” – Spencer Hastings

“I might seem strong, but I break” – Hanna Marin

“I used to think, what if there was a button; that I could push and, all of the things that’ve complicated my life would just unhappen…?! I would push it and all of the people that shouldn’t have died would still be alive, I wouldn’t have hurt anyone or disappointed them, and no one would’ve hurt me, or lied to me and this whole mess would just be cleared up! But if I push that button; I would be gone too. I’m me because of what has happened, what I’ve done, and because of who I love. I like that person. That me. Mess, and all.” – Aria Montgomery

“Please, Jenna can’t hear us; she’s blind” – Hanna Marin

“If lying was a crime, we’d all be in jail” – Emily Fields

“I did it because I was tired of not being able to protect the one person in this world that means the most to me” - Toby Cavanaugh

“I always distance myself from when people become close to me. I keep pushing people away when all I want is someone to be there for me. I always feel I’m annoying them but I know in the end, everyone is going to leave. They always do.” – Hanna Marin

“Once you know something, you can’t un-know it” – Alison DiLaurentis

“Things change, you know. People grow” – Hanna Marin
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