And the world becomes a fantasy
And you're more than you could ever be
'Cause you're dreaming with your eyes wide open

Greatest Showman – Come Alive
Birthdays are one of those yearly events, like Christmas and New Years, where everyone responds to it differently. Half of people are excited and enjoy the celebrations where the other half dread them and struggle with overwhelming negative emotions. Im with the first half! I especially love Birthdays because I like the thought of having an entire day dedicated to creating all of the positive emotions and memories that the person deserves all year round! This means Im probably more excited for other peoples Birthdays than my own but Im still majorly excited to be turning 28!
So Ive compiled a list of things Im excited for not just things thatll happen on my Birthday but things to look forward to in general Some of them may seem small or insignificant but sometimes the littlest things have the biggest impact!
(Also! The list is in no particular order!)
1.       Today’s release of my e-book; When All Is Said & Typed
2.       Finishing my The Works Sudoku book
3.       My Mum’s Birthday (February 6th)
4.       Starting my volunteer role as a Youth Support Worker with Barnardos
5.       Finishing my latest read: Follow Me by Angela Clarke
6.       Future InTheFrow content
7.       Continuing my voluntary work for LEAPS as an Advertising Assistant
8.       Having more fun with my pets; Emmy (my kitten) and Pixie (my bunny)
9.       More travelling
10.   The ENRICH Awards with Richmond Fellowship in March
11.   Completing more courses with Future Learn (I’m currently studying Digital Wellbeing with the University of York)
12.   Reaching half a million readers on I’m NOT Disordered
13.   More ASOS bargains!
14.   A new Valentino <3 font="">
15.   More Zoella videos
16.   Watching the God-Children (Jonas, Emmy & Kasper) grow up
17.   Making more memories with my best-friends; Ellie, Lauren, and Georgie
18.   More Blogger’s Days Out with Martin Baker from Gum On My Shoe
19.   Future Fantastic Beasts movies (apparently there’s 7 to come!)
20.   More collaborations with organizations and individuals
21.   New ideas
22.   Making more progress in my mental health recovery
23.   Meeting new people at events and meetings
24.   Improving my content
25.   Learning new things
26.   Attending more events and meetings
27.   Primark splurges
28.   Everything else!
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