To celebrate the SIXTH year of this wild journey with I'm NOT Disordered, here's a post with links and pics from the past year! 
And here's to many more posts, partnerships, collaborations, and Q&As!

But before we get into the flashback… here's what has been posted for the past five Birthdays:

YEAR ONE: http://www.imnotdisordered.co.uk/2014/01/happy-first-birthday-im-not-disordered.html

January 2018 saw a partnership with OliverBonas on their book: 52 Lists For Happiness, and a competition win that saw me partying with one of my Blogging idols; Victoria McGrath (InTheFrow), Alex Harrison, and Google Pixel.

March 2018 was the month where I discussed the reason why any feelings towards your abuser is ok, and the rationale behind my self-harm and suicide attempt.

May 2018 meant a trip to London for the Richmond Fellowship Working Together Forum, a few more National Trust collaborations (here and here), one with English Heritage, and a series of posts for Mental Health Awareness Week.

June 2018 featured the announcement of I’m NOT Disordered making it onto Feedspot’s Top Ten UK Borderline Personality Blogs, a couple of ‘24hrs with…’ posts (here, here, and here) and a trip to Carlisle!

July 2018 was the month I featured onChannel 4’s Dispactches documentary around the new Facebook guidelines on content, and collaborations with Koast Radio, Age UK, Future Learn, EmTalks, Northumbria Police, and Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust.

August 2018 saw some National Trust collaborations (here, here, and here), an incredibly popular ‘24hrs with…’ post from Custody Sergeant Ed Rowland, and a chat with North East Ambulance Service CEO Yvonne Ormston.

September 2018 meant a lengthy chat about medication and a Hospital admission after experiencing a relapse in my own mental health.

October 2018 saw a lot of very important posts but the most important was the one when I lost a best-friend; my cat of four years Dolly and the beginning of a new life with my kitten; Emmy. 

November 2018 was a chat about being amental health blogger, saying goodbye, and another Richmond Fellowship Working Together Forum in London.

December 2018 was the month of all things Christmas, including the Christmassy series in collaboration with Cats Protection: '12 Cats of Christmas'!
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